Pole Fitness

Our small and intimate studio is filled with 5 poles reaching maximum capacity at 9 students. With personal attention to each and every one, safety is our number one priority. By keeping classes small we ensure that everyone is in correct form and understands the instructions properly. This is a hands-on learning environment.

Pole Dance classes are available from

beginner level to advanced!

Beginners will start with basic

climbing technique, upright poses, and spins. Students progress at their own rate and graduate levels only when ready. 

Be sure to note the dress code for each class. Pole tricks classes require shorts so your skin can "stick" to the stainless steel. Students who would like are welcome to wear heels in our dance classes. Please refrain from wearing any lotion or oil to class as the poles become slippery. No jewelry is permitted as it scratches the poles.



Have you aways wanted to run away and join the circus? This is your opportunity to do so! 

In our quaint aerial room, you will learn the skills of Aerial Hoop/Lyra with no more than 6 people per class and the instructors full attention at all times.

Aerial lyra (also known as aerial hoop) is a circular apparatus suspended from a single point. In this class you will learn the various techniques to enter and exit from the hoop along with conditioning, strength and flexibility exercises. After learning basic skills and conditioning, the class will gradually progress into building your strength, showcasing flexibility and learning flipping, turning, rolling, posing, and transitioning positions. Note: We require students to wear clothing that covers the legs, torso and arms for all aerial classes, other than pole. This will help avoiding burns caused by friction with the fabric or hoop.


Aerial Silks

In this class you will begin with flexibility, strength, and conditioning exercises that will help you feel comfortable in the air. You will work on basic climbing skills and will learn how to create “locks” around your body with the fabric. After grasping these fundamentals, you will work on building stamina, strength and stability by working with fabric as your “pole.” Start with basic climbing and progress into various positions, inversions, drops and choreographed sequences. Note: We require students to wear clothing that covers the legs, torso and arms for all aerial classes, other than pole. This will help avoiding burns caused by friction with the fabric or hoop.


Aerial Silks offers you a graceful way to express yourself as you climb and wrap your body in the silks, creating strong and elegant lines. Come experiment in a new freedom as you leave the ground and challenge your body and mind to move like never before

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Flexibility Training

Take your flexibility to the next level! This class starts with a warm up to prepare muscles & joints for a series of exercises designed to improve your flexibility. You will notice how much easier and more graceful your pole moves will look. ALL LEVELS WELCOME!


Aerial Arts – Kids (ages 5-17)

In this class your child will begin with flexibility, strength, and conditioning exercises that will help them feel comfortable in the air. They will work on basic climbing skills and will learn how to create “locks” around their body with the fabric. They will also become familiar with the aerial hoop. They will be challenged, entertained and taught body awareness all while building self-esteem. Note: We require students to wear clothing that covers the legs, torso and arms for all aerial classes. This will help avoiding burns caused by friction with the fabric or hoop. STUDENTS UNDER THE AGE OF 18 MUST HAVE A PARENT OR GUARDIAN SIGN THE WAIVER BEFORE THEY CAN JOIN THE CLASS.


Conditioning Classes


Your pole interest and skills are growing but you know you need more specific conditioning to get to the next level. You will be amazed how effective strict pole conditioning work will strengthen and tone your body! This class is a serious conditioning pole fitness workout combining 30 minutes of exercises designed to develop strength needed to perform intermediate to advanced pole moves. The next 60 minutes you will learn the art of pole with invert technique, more challenging spins, and moves.

aerila yoga .JPG

Aerial Yoga 


Aerial yoga is a type of yoga which uses a hammock or yoga swing to allow students to perform postures that they may not ordinarily be able to attempt on the yoga mat. It is often also referred to as AntiGravity yoga. It combines traditional yoga with moves inspired by yoga, pilates, dance and acrobatics.

In Aerial yoga, the hammock is kept close to the ground, generally less than a meter from the floor. It becomes a swing which can support the hips in both forward and back bends. For many people, yoga postures that are difficult on the ground can be performed more easily and with less strain on the body in mid-air.

Is is suggested that in addition to the emotional, physical and spiritual benefits of all yoga practice, Aerial yoga has particular benefits for strengthening and stretching the whole body, decompressing the spine, improving circulation, boosting digestion and lifting one's mood. In particular, Aerial yoga strengthens the core as well as the arms and legs, to support the body in mid-air.

 The purpose of the hammock is to help you improve flexibility and build strength, while allowing you to do more challenging poses without added pressure on your shoulders, spine, or head. Increase pulling strength, improves flexibility, challenges your central Nervous System and improving mental capacity.

Decompression the spin, relieving back pain.


ball roller.jpg

Release & Recover Stretch 

Training is great, but what about those days when you are just too sore to do anything at all? Take care of your body so it can perform for you! Your body needs recovery and rest as much as it needs hard training. If you want to feel and see great results faster, you need to take time to release some of the tension. Putting that extra hour into recovery and restoration will have you feeling so much better and rest you for another hard session. We use trigger point release balls and gentle stretching to release sore and tight muscles and sooth your aches and pains. This is an all over body stretch that will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.

rebecca sunglass.JPG

Sexy Pole Flow

In this class you will learn a sassy and seductive routine step by step that will have you dripping in sweat! Exotic movement will be taught with modifications for mulyiple levels to enjoy. Each week will feature a different routine and song. Inleash your wild side,and have fun with this empowering workout! Learn to pirouette, beginner level spins, floor dance and Learn to combine moves into one beautiful flowing piece, while most importantly adding your own individuality! Very Important **** you will need knee pads and high heel shoes with a platform, or socks. We sell knee pads at the studio;  Knee pads are $40.00.

Bring knee pads, leggings, pole shorts, and heels.

Can't wait to see you!

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Twisted Aerial Fitness


Our facility features exclusive retail and merchandise, and over 22 classes in pole, silk, hoop, flexibility, kids Silks and core. With 1,000 square feet, Twisted Aerial Fitness is the largest Pole and Aerial Dance studio in Stuart, FL, offering the experience of intimate classes with certified instructors. We work to support and empower the aerial dance community by fostering a safe, welcoming, and creative space for artists, athletes, and movement enthusiasts—both new and advanced—to explore, train, and grow.

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