In order to comply with government mandates and to keep our students safe:

  • In-studio Classes will have a limit of 1 person per pole/aerial apparatus. We understand this will make waitlists longer, but our poles are 6 feet apart so, for now, until we are permitted otherwise, all classes will be 50% of their previous size. 

  • Less classes will be offered

  • Doors will not open until 15 minutes prior to class. We ask that you come no earlier than that, and exit the studio as prompltly as possible after class.

  • Classes will have a 5-10 minute break in between to allow for hand washing, sanitization, and thorough disinfecting of the equipment. 

  • Masks will be required to enter Twisted Aerial Fitness. You will be asked to keep them on during class for the safety of everyone - if you need to breathe without the mask we will ask you to leave the studio and take a moment at the front door.

  • Spotting will be touch-free unless a student is in imminent danger.

  • IF YOU FEEL ILL DO NOT COME TO THE STUDIO. All late cancels will be forgiven until the threat has minimized. 

  • No touching. Period.  One day we can hug and high 5 again. 

  • Instructors and Owner have the right to refuse service or ask students to leave class if they refuse to follow these rules and guidelines.

Asked Questions

We are deeply concerned for the health of our members and employees during this COVID 19 crisis. We feel it is our responsibility to do what we can to reduce the spread of the virus, and with that as our guide we have made the difficult decision to close to the public until further notice.

We know that the closing has made things difficult for you too. We encourage you to continue to exercise from home and we look forward to our reopening soon.

We are keeping a staff on-hand to answer calls and emails.

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Will I continue to be billed while closed?

We have suspended all billing. 

How long will you be closed?

We will continue to monitor the situation very closely and will follow the guidelines, instructions and recommendations of public health officials and the CDC.

What are you doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Our biggest step was to close to the public.

How will I be notified when reopens?

 Updates on reopening will be posted on our website. Confirmation of a reopening date will be emailed to members using the email address we have on file, so please be sure to update it if needed on the Mindbody app and website.

How does the closure affect my Paid in Full membership?

Your memberships will be extended to cover the time of the closure.

How do I create my online account?

  • Click here

  • Create a User Name and Password to complete your set up -- you are now logged in!

How do I freeze my membership?

We have already taken care of this for you. Your membership or class passes will be reactivated once we in your market reopens.

How do I cancel my membership?

During this time, we have already processed a complimentary freeze which has paused your membership and stopped all related billing.

If you have decided that you will not be coming back once we reopen and would like to process a cancellation while we are closed to the public. The best way right now, because we are closed, is to email us at

I am in a contract for Private Lessons, how do I cancel or freeze?

Since your Private Lessons sessions rollover, you do not need to freeze at this time. Your sessions will be available to you when we reopen. The expiration date on accumulated sessions will be extended to cover the time of the closure.

We will be updating this list of Frequently Asked Questions as things develop.

    Thank you for your patience. Stay safe and healthy.